The Stroke School

ASCA Level 2

This course is designed to make you aware of world-class strokes today, and more importantly teach you to construct strokes in practice. That’s the primary thing that parents bring their children to you to learn: how to swim better. This is the beginning of your education about strokes.

This course is run over 2 full days and the cost is R2,000.


Introduction and governing philosophies


Relevant science to the understanding of teaching strokes


The construction of strokes and their correction


Starts and turns


Teaching skills and methods for coaches


Recommended Other Reading on Stroke Construction and Correction


Supplemental Articles

These ASCA courses are open to anyone, not just swimming coaches, who feels they will benefit from them.  There are no pre-requisites for attending the courses – just arrive with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and share!

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