Biomechanics & Video Analysis

Biomechanics & Video Analysis

Are you looking to improve your swimming, trying to achieve some specific goal times or just looking for those elusive seconds? Then this is for you!!!

Individual technique analysis is available to capture underwater video footage of your swimming and skills and provide in-depth biomechanical feedback. This is done on an individual basis (not at galas) and aims to improve efficiency, communication, and understanding. We cater for individual swimmers of all ages and levels, as well as groups/clubs/squads, etc. (Group bookings are encouraged)

Or do you want access to video footage of your races with a breakdown of interval splits and stroke data, turn times, finish times, average velocities, etc.? It is an unbelievable amount of data that will allow swimmers and coaches to look at their races and strategies more specifically and track weaknesses or strengths at galas. This service is generally available at NTS Champs, SANJ and SANAT galas, but swimmers are also welcome to submit other races that they may have footage on for analysis (as long as certain filming guidelines are followed).

For more information contact Amy Bathgate 083 760 9614 or

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