SwimCoach Clinics

Our clinics are aimed at providing coaches with a fun and interactive way to learn new techniques and drills. The day is packed with a theory section, with supporting notes, and a practical session with swimmers in the pool.

Clinics will cover the following topics and will be presented by professionals in the field. These clinics will be run by our local coaches whom have years of experience and a great amount of knowledge with swimming.

These clinics are open to anyone, not just swimming coaches, who feels they will benefit from the topic offered.  There are no pre-requisites for attending our clinics – just arrive with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and share!


  1. Planning your season
  2. Off season training
  3. Individual Medley
  4. Breaststroke
  5. Starts and turns
  6. Coach the Novice swimmer/team

If you are looking for a topic that we don’t cover below, let us know. If there is a demand for it we will consider covering it.

Attendance to these clinics will earn you SSA points as determined by SSA for each separate course.  You will not gain any hours to be logged but the knowledge you will gain will be invaluable!