Physiological and neurological foundations of developing skills

In this Skills Development Workshop presented by Tracey Hemphill, we dive into the physiological and neurological foundations of developing skills and how it takes place biologically.

This is important to give a deeper understanding of what is happening under the hood with the swimmers, and identify solutions to particular problems that may be persisting. Then we unpack a progressive model that I have been working with for years, that gives structure and a step-by-step way to ensure the best possible development of skills and strokes.

The workshop consists of 2 parts that are 1h30 each. Each part has questions attached to it and they need to be answered in order to earn the CPD points from SSA.

This series is approved by SSA and will earn all successful participants 3 CPD from the date of completion. SSA order number is 3209.

The cost is just R400 for lifetime access to the series recordings. To book yourself into this essential series, follow this link to CattleBell, where you will need to register or log in with your existing account details, sign up for the series, and make payment.  The YouTube links will be emailed to you shortly after payment is received.

Here are some reviews on this great workshop:

“Extremely informative, Tracey explained everything thoroughly, love getting new ideas, makes me more confident as a coach” – Georgina

“I thoroughly enjoyed the second recording, specially the explanations relating to LTS. Thank your in depth examples, your knowledge is awesome.” – Katharina