Our Mentor Coaches

Are you stuck? Or looking to take your swim school or stroke to the next level but not quite sure how? One of our Mentor Coaches will be able to assist you.

We have compiled a list of Mentor Coaches who should be able to assist with getting your swimming business off to a great start, help you with those challenging corrective stroke issues, and a whole lot more.

Please get in touch with them directly via the email form at the bottom of the page.

If you believe you can add value to other coaches and swimmers out there and would like to form part of the mentor team, please get in touch with the SwimCoach team to discuss.

Meet Nathania van Niekerk and the mentorship guidance she can offer:

My undergraduate degrees, centered on psychology and education, laid the foundation for my journey. Now a qualified remedial educator with a Masters Degree in Special and Additional Learning Needs, I specialise in addressing learning difficulties and disabilities, with a focus on ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, slow learning development, language difficulties and Down Syndrome.
I merge my passion for education and sport, offering seminars, workshops, individual assessments, and tutoring to navigate learning challenges. Dedicated to transferring my expertise in special educational needs to the realm of swimming, I have pursued foundational coaching and learn-to-swim courses. This, combined with my experience, equips me to assist coaches in overcoming challenges when working with children with diverse needs. Alongside my swimming achievements, I’m committed to bridging the gap between education and the world of coaching.

Meet Tracey Hemphill and the mentorship guidance she can offer:
“I own Orcas Swimming, a swimming instruction business based in Roodepoort Gauteng, and Durban North in KZN. Our business provides a full and holistic program from Learn to Swim to top competitive levels in both the pool and Open Water Swimming.
I can add value to an individual looking for guidance in setting up business, marketing, communication strategies and creating team culture with staff, parents and participants. I can also assist with finding your coaching philosophy, building your program and developing your coaching practice – The how and the why you plan on delivering your programs.
I’m happy to engage in online zoom calls, by phone in the mornings, and we welcome visits and logging at any of our operations.”
You can check out the website – www.facebook.com/orcasswimming

Meet Brent Holmes and the mentorship guidance he can offer:
Brent is the current Head coach and owner of Coach Brent swim coaching and Multi Sport, Brent Holmes swimming Academy and Tuks swimming satellite program in Montana, Pretoria North.
Brent is the former Head coach and owner of Neptune Aquatics as well as the former head coach of the highly successful junior and high school swimming programs at Oranje Messies school in Bloemfontein.
Brent is an ACSA Level 5 International age group certified coach and teaching facilitator as well as an SSA Learn to Swim Instructor, Coach and teaching facilitator, Assessor and Moderator.
Brent has experience, success and knowledge is setting up structuring and running school and development programs, competitive squad swimming programs from junior to senior national and international level swimmers as well as training programs for various Multi sport disciplines like Open water, triathlon, and biathlon.

Coach Brent can assist with the following:
• Structuring your squads
• Periodisation planning and programs
• Stroke development
• School programs
• Multi-Sport programs
• Coach Mentoring

Meet Hilton Slack and the mentorship guidance he can offer:

Hilton is a highly experienced South African swimming coach. He is Aquatics Director of Swimlab Aquatic Academy, an esteemed swimming performance training centre based in Cape Town.

Hilton has previously been Head Coach at the University of Cape Town. He is also a qualified and respected engineer.

He is passionate about sharing his coaching knowledge and experience via coach education.