Continuous Professional Development Points

SwimCoach strives to provide its members with opportunities for continuous learning and professional development. It is critical that coaches remain relevant and up to date in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment.

Clinics, conferences, and other learning opportunities will be provided by SwimCoach, open to any interested person. SwimCoach will work with ASCA and Swim SA to ensure that any such programs are, as far as possible, allocated continuous professional development (CPD) points. It may be that both bodies set different points for the same program. This will be published in the course program.

Coaches attending these programmes will receive recognition from SwimCoach, which can be used as evidence of attendance.

Allocation of CPD Points

Any SwimCoach learning platform, should ideally have CPD points allocated, by both ASCA and Swim SA.

The events could include:

  • Clinics
  • Talks
  • Enrichment courses
  • Conferences
  • Webinars

Furthermore, these do not need to be swimming specific. They could include topics relevant to coaching, such as management, administration, leadership, sport science and medicine, etc.

In order to qualify for CPD points, a participant:

  • Must attend the program/talk/lecture/webinar from start to finish
  • May be required to answer questions regarding content to support/prove learning and attendance.

Coaches may be required to provide to ASCA and/or Swim SA a copy of their personal letter/attendance register confirming the allocation of CPD points themselves, as part of the process of self-management of their professional status.

We store all coachs’ education records in a management system called CattleBell.  You can access it via this link.  You will need to create an account, populate your details, update your affiliation info, etc.  Once this is done, you can print your personal page that will be a summary of your event attendance with SwimCoach & a calculation of your expired/valid CPD points.  

6 thoughts on “Continuous Professional Development Points”

  1. Hi There how do I find out how many cod points I have
    Thank You

  2. please could you send me the workshops or webinars offered for cpd points.i am a ssa registered and qualified Lts teacher

  3. Hi Falynn, the workshops can all be found in our shop and watched on-demand at your leisure. Once you have completed watching them, 95% of the video, we will issue you with a certificate with the CPD points on it.

  4. Hi Coach, you will need add them up based on the webinars, courses, or clinics you attended. Or this can also be found via the database link – top right of our website.

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