Priming for Performance – Coaches’ Webinar

Achieving peak performance requires various elements to come together at the same time. This encompasses, but not limited to, rigorous physical conditioning, meticulous attention to nutritional needs, and comprehensive mental and emotional readiness.

The essence of this workshop lies in delving into these essential components and the pivotal role we assume in setting the stage for an athlete’s optimal performance, spanning from the meticulously designed training regimen, to the carefully curated dietary choices, to the intricate psychology involved.

Furthermore, we will engage in a detailed exploration of tapering strategies, delve into the multifaceted realm of nutritional considerations, dissect the impact of high-altitude environments, and delve into effective communication techniques and empowering self-talk. Additionally, we will address the crucial aspect of emotion management and the art of priming athletes to seize victories.

Date: 27 & 29 November 2023
Time: 19h30 via Zoom
Duration: 2 x 60 minute sessions
Cost: R 400 with 2 x CPD point
Booking: Via the CattleBell app or website
Speaker: Tracey Hemphill
Bio: Via this link