An introduction to the incredible experters that we call on to present our material

Nathania Van Niekerk

A seasoned international swimmer who proudly represented South Africa at prestigious events like the Commonwealth Games, World Championships, Youth Olympic Games, and Youth Commonwealth Games under the guidance of the renowned Rocco Meiring. Holding the national 200m backstroke title for four consecutive years, I’ve transitioned my expertise from the pool to education. My undergraduate degrees, centered on psychology and education, laid the foundation for my journey. Now a qualified remedial educator with a Masters in Special and Additional Learning Needs, I specialise in addressing learning difficulties and disabilities, with a focus on ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, slow learning development, language difficulties and Down Syndrome.

I merge my passion for education and sport, offering seminars, workshops, individual assessments, and tutoring to navigate learning challenges. Dedicated to transferring my expertise in special educational needs to the realm of swimming, I have pursued foundational coaching and learn-to-swim courses. This, combined with my experience, equips me to assist coaches in overcoming challenges when working with children with diverse needs. Alongside my swimming achievements, I’m committed to bridging the gap between education and the world of coaching.

Peter Andrew

Born and raised in South Africa! An avid swimmer growing up, having been captain of his swim team and a Victor Ludorum award winner, Peter helped establish his own swim club, the Aberdeen Aquaholics, when living in South Dakota. The team wound up moving to Kansas and evolved into Indie Swimming, then into Race Pace Club, the home of World Champion swimmer and Peter’s son, Michael.

Through Peter’s guidance, Michael’s has produced impressive performances on the U.S. domestic stage, becoming the country’s most successful national age group swimmer with over 100 National Age Group (NAG) records. His breakout year into the U.S. ranks came in 2018, when Andrew became a 4-time national champion with titles in the 50m free, 50m breast, 100m breast and 50m fly.

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Debra Morrison-Goate

I am purpose-driven and passionate about all the work I do. Teaching is my life purpose, speaking is my gift, and I put all I can into ensuring that the knowledge, experience and skills I have acquired, can be passed on to my clients of all ages, background and abilities. My mission is to assist individuals and groups to advance their awareness and abilities, so that they are able to realize their fullest potential, in any aspect they strive to achieve.
“To educate is to bring out and reflect that
which was already within the self.”
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Abi Ray

A former radio presenter who switched to swimming teacher out of pure love for
the sport.

I love to apply the knowledge I have from my own swimming into the lessons that I
teach at Learn To Swim level.
I have developed a way of teaching that allows the kids to really have fun while
challenging them at the same time, utilising my bubbly personality to bond with the kids in order to gain their trust and therefore get the most out of them.

Martin Scheepers
Counselling & Sports Psychologist

Passionate sportsman. Fascinated by how the game on the field is played in the mind.

We are proud to partner with Martin for the online sessions we host to assist coaches, athletes and parents on the psychology around swimming.

Lezandra Wolmarans
Senior Consultant at the Sport Science Institute of South Africa

Lezandre is a registered biokineticist who did her honours degree at the University of stellenbosch. Lezandre has represented South Africa in Swimming, Biathle, Xterra and Netball. 

After several years as a practising biokineticist who focused on a number of endurance sports, Lezandre in 2016 decided to focus exclusively on swimming. Lezandre still competes internationally as a masters swimmer. She is especially passionate about helping young swimmers reach their swimming goals while teaching them life skills.


Kobus van der Walt

Kobus joined the University of Pretoria as Director of Sport in July 1999. A position he held until February 2017 when he retired. During his term of office at UP he focussed solely on the task at hand and contributed extensively to the formation and development of the Heads of Sport at SA Universities Forum which he served as Chairperson from 2004 – 2010..

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Steven Ball

My passion is performance sport and exploring how to get athletes all along the performance continuum to perform at their optimal, something which I have been fortunate to explore in conjunction with coaches and scientists in my various roles, but especially in my current employment as TuksSport Deputy Director: Coaching and Performance management at the University of Pretoria. Driving the High Performance management of the program which includes coaching, technical development and integration of sport science an medical services.

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Lucy Conradie

Current Head Coach at Tygerberg Aquatics and lecturer at Stellenbosch University in the Sports Science Department.

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Amy Bathgate

Amy specializes in swimming and spends much of her time either working hands-on with swimmers through video, performance and functional movement analysis, or researching topics to educate coaches and help South African swimmers go faster, and better understand their sporting skills.

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Larry Laursen

Independant sports professional.

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Rocco Meiring

Coach Rocco is a South African, where he started is coaching career while still at University, in 1988. He studied psychology at the University of Pretoria (TUKS) and continued in sports management and coaching, in the sports office of the SA Navy, during his national military service.

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