ASCA Certification Course Information

Level 1 – Foundations of Coaching

In this introductory course, participants learn the fundamentals required for coaching.  It provides a dynamic curriculum that will challenge professionals to create their own coaching philosophies based on a strong foundation. Coaches learn the importance and benefits of productive relationships with parents, volunteers, athletes and their community. A strong emphasis is placed on honing communication skills, safety, and providing pathways for long-term athlete progression and success. 

Once ASCA members have passed this course, they will be ASCA Level 1 Certified.

Level 2 – Stroke School

The ASCA Level 2 School is designed to help coaches achieve a professional knowledge base for teaching effective technique and proper mechanics, while simultaneously reinforcing healthy progressions at each developmental level in the sport. This course incorporates step-by-step examples of technique-based skills and progressions coupled with video demonstrations. 

Once ASCA members have passed Level 1 and Level 2 courses, and have coached for at least 6 months, they will become ASCA Level 2 Certified.

Level 3 – Physiology School

This course delivers a working, general knowledge of physiology as it applies to the sport of swimming. Participants learn to implement science into their training plan, including how to develop training cycles, seasonal planning, periodisation, as well as the significance of rest, recovery, nutrition, and tapering. Throughout the course, coaches are exposed to a variety of physiological models, including examples from Jon Urbanchek, Dave Salo, and Jan Prins.  

Once ASCA members have passed Levels 1, 2 and 3 courses, and have coached for at least 12 months, they must submit proof of required accomplishments by an athlete to become ASCA Level 3 Performance Certified.  If they don’t have an athlete who has achieved the required accomplishment, they can take additional educational offerings to become ASCA Level 3 Education Certified.