CattleBell – Your Educational History in One Place

Enhancing your continuous professional development has become significantly more convenient. With our app, you have access to the latest educational news, effortless registration and payment for webinars and courses that align with your interests, seamless completion of control questions, and automatic accumulation of your CPD points.

Here are the download links for Android and Apple Users: 
Google Play Store – download via this link    Apple App Store – download via this link 

In an ongoing effort to provide quality service and information to our coaches and teachers, we have moved our database management into a new system. You will have complete control over what personal information you share with SwimCoach and full access to view your event attendance and CPD point allocation.

We have migrated our existing database to this new platform so all of your information should be there and accurate, but we do require you to log in and confirm this. Please use the below instruction to help assist you with this process.
Please be assured your data is not shared with any other organisation and we adhere to the POPI act of RSA.

Login via these guidelines below … or directly on CattleBell
1. Go to, use Quick Links menu top right, and select ‘Attendance Record’…download the rest of the guidelines here