Advocate for swimmers

We may have found a hero
by George Block, WSCA President

At the USA Swimming International Relations Committee meeting, May 1,
FINA Vice President Dale Neuburger promised to “personally be the
advocate for” any universality swimmer who was not entered into the
World Championships for “political reasons”. Neuburger promised that if
WSCA would get the name, event, best time during the qualifying period
and FINA point score for the swimmer who was entered and the swimmer who
should have been entered (the best swimmer in that country) to him, he
would “personally advocate for that swimmer”.

Every “universality” swimmer should be the best swimmer from his or her
nation. If this is not the case, let WSCA know immediately and we will
provide the information that Vice President Neuburger requested.

WSCA applauds Vice President Neuburger for his courage in standing up
for those who cannot stand up for themselves, but who earned the right
to compete in the training pool.