High Performance Seminar

14 – 16 MAY 2019

Dear Invitees

Swimming South Africa, in collaboration with Swimcoach, is hosting a High- Performance Seminar exclusively aimed at finding solutions to create an improved environment for swimmers beyond school age, to continue their careers in South Africa.

Delegates have been specifically identified and invited in line with their role in Swimming in South Africa. It is hoped that you will be able to attend, as you have been invited due to the critical role you play and the positive contribution you can make.  Please make your booking via our online system.

Some background is provided below in order to provide a context for the Seminar:

High performance swimming on the international stage is achieved by swimmers in their early and mid-twenties, therefore we face the real risk that South African swimming will regress to become just another participation nation whose national team is made up of teenagers. It is therefore critical that everybody who can positively influence the future of our swimming attend this seminar and hopefully unite in a common cause.

Research of international high-performance swimming clearly shows that it can only be achieved if adult swimmers (school leavers) have an environment to train and compete and receive support
to enable international results. Therefore, the main theme of the seminar is to explore ways to expand and improve the offering to adult swimmers in South Africa, to establish a co-operative
and coordinated strategy focused on a local offering that facilitates broader participation. This Seminar is limited to like-minded South African coaches, administrators and officials who wish
1. Produce high performance swimmers in South Africa through local programmes
2. Actively work together towards a goal bigger than their club programmes
3. Visibly support the national coach so that the national team can perform internationally
4. Step-up and deliver.

While we are aware that many coaches, administrators and officials feel that there are better opportunities abroad for swimmers beyond school age, this will not form part of the discussion in any
way. This seminar is specifically aimed at collaborating on local solutions, and this will be a key guiding principle of the seminar.

The programme for the seminar can be downloaded here:  HIGH PERFORMANCE SEMINAR PROGRAMME


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