Keeping Current

Once you have been certified by ASCA, it is important that you keep up to date with the latest developments in the world of Swimming, and that your certification stays active, and where appropriate is upgraded as you develop and grow as a coach. ASCA promotes an approach of lifelong learning, and looks forward to hearing from coaches about progress in their career.

Once you are a certified member of ASCA, it is up to you to keep them updated about development and progress that you have made. So it is important that you send them any information that is relevant. Remember that your Certificate Record considers three areas, and you can send through updates as and when for each of those areas. For example:

1.         Education: as you complete courses, or attend clinics or conferences, etc, especially where continuous professional development (CPD) points are on offer, you can send through proof. Remember, that this does not only relate to swimming specific education, but could be other courses, so for example you may attend a short course in conflict resolution, or obtain a first aid certificate.

2.         Experience: ASCA recognises your experience, and as you achieve milestones, you can send information through. Every year of experience counts, so send through your proof.

3.         Achievement: if you have a swimmer who achieves the criteria for you to be considered for a higher level of certification, you can send this information through to ASCA. Remember to support it with evidence. You can check the tables above to see what is required for you to be re-assessed. ASCA is interested in your best performing swimmer(s), as this is the benchmark they use.

It is important to note that once a member of ASCA, it is your responsibility to engage in conversation directly with ASCA about your professional status. SwimCoach does not do this on your behalf, or become involved in this process, unless you need assistance with a particular concern or issue. This is a confidential matter between you and the relevant ASCA division.

Please remember that it is up to the coach to provide updated information to ASCA, and to apply for an upgrade in certification status.


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