New Partnership Between ASCA & ASCTA

Dear Coaches,

ASCA and the Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (ASCTA) have agreed to a partnership which we hope you will find beneficial and attractive.

The agreement is to provide reciprocal electronic membership for members of the ASCTA and the ASCA. Note please that this includes our monthly newsletters and bi-monthly magazine, all posted online (not mailed hard copies, which is prohibitively expensive as you know.)

You can sign up for this FOR FREE now by emailing Matt Hooper, ASCA Membership Director, at

We will include you in our free electronic membership for Magazine and Newsletter and you will have online access to all our services and products at cost, at your choice and discretion.

Here is a link to the most recent electronic version of the ASCTA journal for your reading pleasure.

Your Australian counterparts in ASCTA will likewise benefit from the educational materials of the ASCA. We look forward to sharing with you.

All the Best,
John Leonard,
Executive Director, ASCA