Recognition with SSA

3 February 2015

Dear Coaches

As you know, we have been trying for some time to align our ASCA coach qualifications with the Swim SA requirements, allowing our coaches to become accredited within the SSA system in addition to the global recognition which the ASCA certification provides.

SSA has indicated, that in terms of theory modules required by our coaches, there are two gaps in our courses which, if completed, would allow alignment at levels 1 and 2. In other words, if ASCA coaches attend workshops for the two modules and do any course work required, they will have completed any theory required to enable them to apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL) with SSA.

The two modules are:
 Long Term Participant Development (LTPD)
 Child Protection

Please note that even if you do complete these two modules, SSA still requires additional evidence to consider your RPL
application. This may include items such as:
 Current CPR certification
 Current police clearance
 Evidence of CPD work
 Evidence of current level of swimmers in your squad
 Evidence of season/session planning competence
 Etc

Completion of these two modules referred to, will allow you to close the theory gap.

SwimCoach has arranged for these two workshops to be scheduled to coincide with the 2015 Speedo SwimCoach Conference.  This conference is scheduled for the end of August, we are confirming the date based on guest speaker availability, but it will be either 21-23 August or 28-30 August 2015. These modules are each 3 hour workshops, and will be scheduled as follows:

 Thursday prior to conference, 4-7pm: LTPD
 Friday morning of Conference, 9am-12pm: Child Protection

You will be able to book for these workshops via our usual online booking system at

We look forward to seeing you at our courses, clinics and conference. Please refer to our website for all other course and clinic

Kind regards
Mary-Jane Goebel
For SwimCoach