Speed Development – Capacity & Utilization methods

Brief summary of session:

Understanding how physiology, physics and performance principles should be kept in mind when planning your season, macrocycles and sessions.  Specific work out designs for the various components of speed.  Understanding when to apply capacity methods for long term gains and when to apply utilization for short term performance.

Topics that will be discussed:

  • Speed development:
    What are we really after? Understanding when to do what kind of training in relation LTAD and seasonal planning
  • Capacity and Utilization:
    What is it? How does it work?
    How does it apply?
  • The Science of Speed for coaches to understand – how to apply complex science into your daily activities
    Sub Points:
    The Nervous System
    Muscular system
    Endocrine System
  • Program design:
    Example sets for capacity and utilization training
  • Other Considerations:
    Limiting factors affecting performance outcome

This course generally runs from 9am to 1pm and the cost is R600.00.   On receipt of payment, your course material will be made available under your member area on the website.

This clinic carries 12 ASCA educational units and 3 SSA CPD points.

Transport and accommodation will be for your own account. Coaches are not required to bring any swimmers with them. Bring your year planner, pencil and eraser.