Ultra Short Race Pace Training – USRPT

USRPT is an evidence based program developed by Dr. Brent Rushall and focuses on the neurological processes of training.  As opposed to being focused on energy system adaptation, USRPT aims to create neurological adaptations by emphasizing relevant pace and good technique.

Topics that will be discussed:
  • Model & Definition
    • Specificity, Neurological principles, Training the brain
  • Misconceptions & solutions
    • Common misconceptions about USRPT, Being creative within the boundaries of USRPT, Pro’s & cons
  • Benefits of USRPT – according to us (FSC Orcas Swimming)
    • 10 major benefits identified from our program, Areas that need addressing
  • The Psychology of USRPT
    • Fear of failure, dealing with failure, dealing with “the know”.
  • USRPT – as it plays out.
    • Macrocycle, weekly set up, Race strategy, Technical, Race preparation
The clinic will be presented by Tracey Hemphill.