Our Webinars and Masterclasses are planned to assist coaches, parents and swimmers by offering topics and insight that coaches, parents and swimmers can watch to improve their knowledge and understanding, ultimately making your coaching task easier!
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Becoming a Great Swim Gala Coach!
There is a huge difference between being a great coach in practice and a great swim gala coach. Most of our professional lives are “at practice”, yet certain coaches/teams consistently out-produce others in competition. This is not an accident, it is a planned process to maximize the competition opportunities and optimize the effectiveness of the Coach at the Swim Gala.

In this 180 minute course, Coach Leonard will lay out one such process and discuss what needs to be accomplished before the gala, then at the Swim Gala, and finally, post-swim gala. Especially central to this presentation are the discussions that coaches have with their athletes before, during, and after the swim gala. This course will discuss those conversations in depth.

Coach Leonard has presented this popular course in 11 nations around the globe on more than 30 occasions, now, with WSCA, for the first time in an Online format. Hope you will join us!

Course Outline
Part One – Preparing for the Gala.
A. Conversations with athletes to prepare.
B. Conversations with parents to prepare.
C. Conversations with Staff to Prepare.
D. Technical work to review. (who will do what at the gala.)
E. Gala entries…with a focus on “who selects events” and why.
Part Two – at the gala.
A. Arrival and prep.
B. Warmup plans A,B and C. What is a good warmup?
C. Final discussions with athletes just prior to events. (largest part)
D. Race observation
E. Post race report to/from athlete.
F. “Next”
Part three – Post Gala
A. How do you wrap up?
B. Communication to Parents.
C. Post gala team meeting and content for closure


  • 2 x 90 minutes Zoom session. If you can’t attend live session the recordings will be made available to you for a period afterwards
  • 4pm RSA time on Wednesday 8 September and Wednesday 22 September 2021
  • Earn 3 CPD points from SSA that are valid for 12 months
  • Purchase and payment via the SwimCoach website

Mental Mastery for everyone – coach, athlete & parent

Being a great athlete not only requires great physical attributes, but also a mastery of the mental game. Most of the greatest athletes in sports history became great because they mastered the psychological aspect of their respective sport. As we gear up for a return to the pool and a new season, we decided it was time to take a look at some of the most useful sport psychology topics.

“90% of performance is mental and 10% is physical” is a well-known quote from Olympian Dicks Fosbury. Some may agree with this percentage and some may not. However, one stat that cannot be disregarded is “that 90% of coaches spend 100% of their time working on the physical aspects of their sport”.

This series of talks looks at addressing various elements of the cognitive aspects that play a significant role in sport performance. The purpose of these talks is to assist coaches, athletes and parents alike, to reach a higher, more sophisticated level of psychological proficiency thus making for a more satisfying and successful sporting experience.

Coaches and parents have a wonderful opportunity to make a significant contribution to the lives of their children and athletes. “If you’re going to make the effort to compete, do everything you can to reach your performance potential.”

This program not only equips coaches, parents and athletes with information but also provides practical tools to develop mental skills for sporting success. Furthermore, it builds foundational mental mastery for life. Give yourself, your athlete and child, the gift that keeps on giving.

Talk 1: Goal setting, goal plan, confidence and motivation
Talk 2: Self talk, affirmations, perspective shifting & the role of the subconscious mind
Talk 3: Anxiety, arousal activation & individualized zone of optimal functioning
Talk 4: Attention, focus & concentration
Talk 5: Progressive relaxation, visualization and pre-performance routine
Talk 6: Parent-coach-athlete relationship & children in sport: considerations and future benefits


In swimming, we as teachers and coaches have the privilege of working with children, instilling a love for learning and building a foundation through swimming, that will make a difference in each of their lives.
The Great Teacher Manifesto is a series of talks designed to elevate, enhance and advance your teaching and coaching ability. The best way to build and boost your business is through word-of-mouth referrals. This only happens when you conduct yourself as a great teacher. Having a strong technical base is only one of the puzzle pieces to teaching swimming successfully. One can have all the knowledge in the world but having the skills, energy and ability to instruct, propels you to produce high quality swimming and happy swimmers. “It’s not what you do but how you do it” that matters most.
Join us for this series of talks that will dive deeply into the many facets of teaching and coaching; addressing all aspects from physical to psychological.

Be inspired as you too deserve to grow your legacy.
This is how you do it!

Transitioning through the Age Group Levels. Join Bianca Marais for a FREE practical example of a swimmer’s 4 year plan from LTS to SA Level 3 and the plan to qualify and participate at SA Junior Nationals within the next 4 years.
Bianca will talk you through how Connor and Leeya are doing? They are two swimmers she introduced to us at our Annual Conference 2 years ago. Both have just turned 11 and she has coached them from LTS through the SA Level 3. Bianca will can share how they got there (4 years of their swimming journey) and what their plan is to approach SA Junior level (next 4 years).

Lezandre Wolmarans is a Senior Consultant at the Sport Science Institute of South Africa.  She is a registered biokineticist who did her honours degree at the University of Stellenbosch. Lezandre has represented South Africa in Swimming, Biathle, Xterra and Netball.

Join her for 2 different Masterclasses.  1 CPD point per class.

Masterclass 1 will look at how to avoid over-training and burnout in age group swimmers and how to be a better age group parent!

Masterclass 2 will look at how growth and development effects the performance of a swimmer. She will help you clearly understand the varying maturation impacts on performance.


ON-DEMAND: Progressive drills for developing strokes at LTS level. This 6 part webinar series will give teachers the knowledge and skills necessary for successful drill progression of each stroke from Learn To Swim to Learn To Stroke.

Progressive drills to developing backstroke
Progressive drills to developing freestyle
Progressive drills to developing breaststroke
Progressive drills to developing butterfly
Progressive drills to developing starts (including underwater & breakouts)
Progressive drills to developing turns

The recordings of each session will be made available to teachers for a period after the whole series is completed.
6 SSA CPD points will be awarded and the attendance register will be issued to all coaches and SSA (not certificates).


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