World Swimming Association

Why Join the World Swimming Association (WSA)?


  1. The world needs an alternative to FINA. To either replace it or show how to reform it (if that is possible).
  2. Our Swimming world needs an organization focused on being ATHLETE CENTERED.
  3. We need a world of sport that is TRANSPARENT, NOT CORRUPT.
  4. We need a world of sport that is OWNED BY THE PARTICIPANTS, COACHES AND ATHLETES. Not owned by “suits” for their own benefit.
  5. We need an organization that helps DEVELOP SWIMMING, not one that sends elites to fancy hotels via first class airfare and tells them how to vote and calls that “development”.
  6. “Develop Swimming” means:
  •    Pools with clean water that are accessible.
  •    Coaches who can work with assurance that when they help someone get fast, they will actually GO TO THE MEET (not someone who pays the money to the Federation)
  •    Athletes that can BELIEVE in the process.
  1. We need an organization that gives CLEAN SWIMMING (not doped swimming) the priority it deserves. (High Throughput Testing)


You should join WSA because you can support 1-7 by joining. And you have a CHOICE to join, unlike FINA (which you never join, but can ban you and hurt you).

Join WSA here:

It is pennies per day of your professional life, and makes you a part of the solution and not part of the problem.


Find out more about the World Swimming Association at:

-John Leonard, WSCA Executive Director

-George Block, WSCA President

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